Eating Again!

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It’s one week since my last chemo treatment and I am feeling so much better than I did last week.  (Last week was tough.  I wouldn’t eat at all and Mom says that’s harder on her than the first 2 weeks after my surgery were.)

I actually greeted Mom at the door when she came home from work last night.  She was so surprised!!  And my appetite is back.  I still turned my head away from the Wellness canned food.  But Mom’s pretty smart.  She has many bowls for me now.  And when I didn’t want the Wellness, she immediately offered me a bowl of Newman’s Own Organic Chicken.  I really like that!!  I ate big mouthfuls!  Boy, I’m hungry after not eating much for a week, especially when I wake up in the middle of the night.

Mom’s a good sport.  I woke her up at 12:30a.m. and at 5:30a.m. barking for more FOOD! FOOD!  She hopped right out of bed and brought me more!  But she sure looked tired this morning.

We have a Meet and Greet this weekend.  I don’t really want to meet any BIG dogs.  Well, maybe, if they promise to be nice.  I only weigh 8.5 pounds!  And I hear that the other Tripawds weigh a LOT more that I do.  I hope no one falls on me!


P.S.  Mom bought me my very own Costco Rotisserie Chicken (to feed me by hand when I wouldn’t eat).  Well yesterday, while Mom was gone, Katie and TJ broke into the refrigerator, opened the plastic container, and ate all the rest of MY CHICKEN!!!  Katie’s got a new nickname:  FATSO!

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8 thoughts on “Eating Again!

  1. Mackenzie's Mom

    Oh that chemo is no fun – just when you start to feel good again, it’s time for another treatment….but it will be over soon and I bet your mom will feel so relieved when it’s all done. That’s when life returns to normal and mom’s worrying becomes a lot less. We’re glad that you’re feeling better this week and getting those middle of the night cravings. Yea for canned Paul Newman – what would we do without it?

    Have fun at the pawty! You show those other tripawds that just because you’re only 8.5lbs, doesn’t mean that you’re not a BIG tripawd too. 🙂

  2. nstephenson Post author

    Thanks Mackenzie! I am half way there on my chemo treatments!!!

    Mom says that I have a BIG HEART!

    James the poodle

  3. etgayle

    oooh…so you’ll have to teach me how to break into the fridge…there’s lots of good stuff hidden in there!!! glad you’re feeling better – have your mom take pictures of your meet and greet!!!


  4. nstephenson Post author


    You’ve got a long nose! Breaking into the fridge is easy…for Katie and TJ anyway. TJ went to a Clicker class when he was little and learned that if he “touched” things with his nose, he would get a CLICK and TREAT. Ever since, TJ likes to BOP things with his nose to see if there will be a treat.

    TJ learned to SHOVE the edge of the refrigerator door with his nose. (It helped that he destroyed part of the door seal.) And, look at that, the door pops open!

    Then Katie goes into action. She is awesome at climbing into small spaces. She climbs onto the refrigerator shelves and throws stuff onto the floor! Katie also jumps onto the counters and knows how to open the kitchen cupboard with HER nose!

  5. Cherry

    Sorry that we missed your posting about the last chemo treatment, but Dad was away where there was no internet and side tracked since the return, but that is another story or should we say, “share-a-story”. Anyway, sounds like you are on a very typical chemotherapy treatment cycle – day 1 OK, day 2 -not so good, day 3 – the appetite bottom falls out. It probably was not as bad each time as I went through the cycle, but that the difference was very small. About the ICE CREAM, if it does not cause problems, go for it. Also, Thanksgiving is comming and they usually have Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream at the local stores. It was my favorite and I told Dad that I was eating my veggies at the same time.

    Keep on rocking my friend and POODLE POWER!!
    Spirit Cherry

  6. Tanzen Poodles

    Glad to hear you are eating, James!!! We got a surprise in the mail today…Pollywog’s Perferred titles!!!!
    One of your relatives was naughty today…Shirley Whirly shredded a bunch of paper all over the deck!! Thank goodness no one here has the fridge opening gene…just the fence climbing gene!

  7. credocanis

    James…I don’t want to alarm you, but Lincoln is going to be there this weekend and he weighs 104 lbs (you should consider yourself lucky because he was 115 before they cut that leg off).

    You should keep eat, eat, eating so you can keep your strength up.

    Also, don’t tell Lincoln I told you, but he can be bossed around by just about any dog, big or small.

    We can’t wait to meet you!!

    Lincoln’s Mom

  8. wyattraydawg

    Ray, can I come to your Mom’s restaurant when we hit the West Coast?

    Dang, you’ve got a very cool Mom there!

    Glad to hear you’re eating again. And I can’t wait to see pawty pics!!


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