Chemo Treatment #3

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Just when I was feeling great and gobbling up my food, we went back to the oncologist and I had another treatment.  That was Wednesday.  I ate breakfast and a small dinner on Wed. and haven’t wanted to eat since.

Mom is counting:  Day 1 of Chemo, Day 2 of Chemo, Day 3 of Chemo.  She says I will probably feel better tomorrow.

In the meantime, I won’t even eat my K9-Immunity (which I love).  So Mom gave me Vanilla ice cream last night and I ate it!!  Thanks Spirit Cherry!  Mom says that Spirit Cherry’s Dad says not to feed milk-stuff while on chemo.  Darn!  I liked the ice cream.  Mom is going to get vanilla soy milk tonight.

Mom read all about Cherry’s Magic Biscuits and she is going to get me some.  I figure that Spirit Cherry must have been really smart, being a Big Poodle.  So I told Mom that I want to try Cherry’s Magic Biscuits.


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5 thoughts on “Chemo Treatment #3

  1. Ginger

    James, I found that it took me a good 3 to 4 days after each chemo before I was “somewhat” back to normal. I tell you what, though. You need to find out that you really like and make your pawrents give you nothing but that. Don’t tell my Moms and Pops because they never figured it out. Also, when you are completely done with chemo for a month or so, your appetite will be as big as ever. Congrats on being halfway done with chemo, buddy.


  2. etgayle

    we agree 124% with what ginger said…the chemo rocks your belly, but it won’t be long and you can get back to normal. stay the course big guy, you are gettin’ it done!!!!!

    gayle & charon

  3. nstephenson Post author

    I don’t feel like a “big guy” today. I only weighed 8.5 lbs. on Wednesday. And my mouth tastes funny.


  4. credocanis

    I hope you’re feeling better, James. Unlike me, you can’t really afford to skip a meal, so I hope you have your appetite back soon.

    We’re thinking of you and hoping we get to see you next weekend at Marymore Park!!

    Lincoln’s Mom


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