A Lump on James’ Head

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I found a lump on James’ head last night.  It feels hard.  It wasn’t there before.

James was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his left front leg (which was amputated), but he also had a cutaneous hemangiosarcoma on his right front elbow.  He will be going to the vet on SAT morning and also has a surgery apt. for Mon 10/4 to remove the lump (provided his WBC count is ok).

I am worrying about this new lump….


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9 thoughts on “A Lump on James’ Head

  1. jerry

    I know it’s easier said then done, but do your best not to worry about things you don’t have a name for yet. And even when there is a name, know that whatever it is, all that matters to James is that you are hoppy.

    We hope that it’s nothing and send lots of good vibes your way. Give him a smooch from us OK?

  2. fightingforsammy

    I agree. It is nearly impossible but my husband has a great phrase that pops up in my life nearly daily. “It is what is it is”. You can’t do anything about anything until you know what it is so until then put it on the back burner. You will hurt yourself worrying about possibly nothing. If it turns out it is something, then is the time to worry.

    Prayers and lots of good hope are coming your way tonight!

    Elizabeth and Sammy

  3. etgayle

    geesh, paws crossed that it’s nothing serious. i think once we start down this road with the ‘big c’ we get super atuned to every new bump or what. give james a big smooch, and know we’re thinking about you guys!!

    charon & gayle

  4. Mackenzie's Mom

    Of course after what you have been through – it’s so easy to imagine the worst. As Charon said, we get so hypersensitive to anything that seems out of the ordinary. We will be keeping our paws crossed for James that it’s nothing and he’ll be just fine. We tripawd parents worry about everything so just know that you’re not alone in this worry department :).
    Kami, Mackenzie & Kobe

  5. kobe341

    We’re sorry you are worrying so we are sending good thoughts your way!! We hope your appt on Saturday brings you good news!

    Bethany and Kobe

  6. raysmom

    Good luck to James tomorrow! Hopefully it is nothing to worry about but we will be thinking of him.
    Christina & Ray

  7. Fortis'dad

    Fortis and I are sending lots of positive thoughts your way. Like the others have already said….try not to worry to much. Please know that we will be thinking about tomorrow. We are hoping for good news.
    Fortis and Brett

  8. Ginger

    Sorry we are a little late. I know the next post says false alarm, but haven’t read it yet. This must have been so scary for you.


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