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Ever since I started chemo, nothing tastes the same.  I’ve been giving Mom a hard time, not eating.  A few days ago, Mom tried to feed me my wet dog food by hand.  I spit it out.  Then Mom tried to feed me my favorite cottage cheese by hand.  I spit it out.  (Mom ended up with sticky food all over her hands and clothes.  YUCK!)  I did eat some vanilla yogurt.  I also like organic fig cookies (I think Mom hides pills in them, but I still like them).

Finally, Mom got Paul Newman’s organic canned Chicken.  Guess what!  I like it!!!  I ate some Wed. night and I ate nearly an entire can last night.  Mom did a taste test:  Taste of the Wild canned duck on one side of my bowl (which I used to love) and Paul Newman’s organic canned Chicken on the other side.  I ate all of the PN Chicken.  Later, Mom tried to fool me by mixing some of the PN Chicken in with the duck…but I wouldn’t eat it.

Mom was very HAPPY that I ate last night.  I only eat a little bit at a time.  I barked for more food at 2am and at 4am.  When the PN Chicken was gone, Mom gave me some really good sliced turkey.  Then I threw up about 10 minutes later!!!!!  Maybe I ate too much.

I have to be careful, because I have irritable bowel syndrome and I get diarrhea really easily.  Mom tries to limit the fat in my food to 3% or less.  The Paul Newman Chicken is 6% fat (maybe that’s why I like it)! 

Mom would really like it if I didn’t wake her up all night long.  She’s got big circles under her eyes now.  She’s hoping that if I sleep in the big bed with her, maybe I won’t get up so many times at night.  We’ll see!


P.S.  Mom says she loves me very much.  She tells me that every day.  Even when I spit food out.

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11 thoughts on “More about Food

  1. jdsmom

    Oh James,
    Thanks for the update on your eating/not eating.
    I will bet you that your mom doesn’t care so very much to have you wake her up and cause dark circles. she loves you so much that she is trying everything she knows how to get you strong.
    I know she is so happy to have you to cuddle in the big bed!

    Keep up your great progress.
    Spirit Angel JD’s mom

  2. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Aw James. At least you’re eating SOMETHING, even if it’s in the middle of the night.

    Thank you for the update. Keep on eating, James.

  3. Ginger

    Poor little buddy. Sounds like you’re having a tough time. At least you found something you like. My appetite and tastes changed a lot too after chemo. You just have to get your mom to do some trial and error and see what you like. Don’t worry too much about the throwing up. That happens with chemo and eating too much. Keep you head up. It will get better – I promise.

  4. Mackenzie's Mom

    Oh James, we remember those days following the chemo. Not fun at all! But you know, Mackenzie loves that Paul Newman canned food too – sometimes that was the only thing she liked. So must something in that food that tastes so good! So hope you’re feeling better soon – you know pawrents worry so much about you guys when you don’t eat or like your food. It’s just in our nature to worry about those things. So just a little word of advice, keep on eating so your mom doesn’t have to worry anymore. 🙂

  5. etgayle

    it’s rare that i turn down a treat, but i remember there were some days that the awful chemo made me not hungry too. don’t worry too much, this will pass. i would recommend you try to eat a little something when your mom asks, cause they get scared and goofy when you don’t eat…geesh…


  6. kobe341

    I’m so glad you’ve found something you enjoy eating! I hope other foods will start tasting good to you soon!! Sending lots of good thoughts your way and hope you are all able to get some rest soon! Take Care!

    Bethany and Kobe

  7. Fortis'dad

    I think someone is trying to tell somebody they want FAT!!!
    “Where’s The Fat”
    James, I’m glad you are starting to get your appetite back. Before you know it the chemo will be a thing of the past. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way.

    Fortis and Dad

  8. hstanek

    Glad to hear you’re eating better.

    I’m not doing chemo, but still waiting for the day Denali does not eat, so every now and then I try out a new food. This week – I tried out Honest Kitchen’s Embark formula. Now – Loki usually finishes his bowl before Denali even thinks about taking a bite (I actually timed Loki, he finishes his bowl in just under 1 min 20 sec). I tell you this, because I put the Embark in front of Denali and she cleaned her bowl before he was done!! Denali has ALWAYS been a picky eater, so I was surprised. I just had the 4oz ‘travel’ size bag for Denali and I’m hoping to pick up a 4lb container (makes about 17lbs) just to have on hand.

  9. anyemery

    Hey, James! I went through that, too, when I had chemo. Did your vet prescribe an anti-nausea med for you? My mom had to ask for something for me, and it did help. I think it was metochlopramide, and I usually was on it for almost a week after my treatment. My mom also tried feeding me smaller amounts more often, and sometimes that helped. When all else failed, my mom made my some salmon ice cubes, which I never refused. She would take a can of salmon, and put a few spoons in a little baggie along with about 1/4 cup of water. She’d then freeze it. When I wouldn’t eat, she would peel off the plastic bag and give it to me – they are nice and smelly so I really liked them! My mom always made me eat them on a towel so I wouldn’t make a mess, though. Maybe you’d like to try that?
    I sure hope food starts tasting good to you again soon! Once I stopped chemo things were much better for me.
    Sending big hugs,
    Holly Jolly By Golly


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