Not Eating Well

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I had my 2nd chemo on Wed Sept. 1.  I had a great appetite Wed. and then stopped eating on Thurs and Fri.  On Sat I ate Mom’s turkey.  That was good!  and finally late SAT night, I decided that I was hungry and barked for food.  I ate almost all of my kibble Sat night/Sun morning.

But by Labor Day, I didn’t feel like eating kibble any more and don’t want it today either.  I will eat turkey.  Kibble just doesn’t smell or taste very good.

My pack and I were at an agility trial for three (3) days over Labor Day weekend.  Teegan’s Dad was there!  Teegan is a Doberman who got osteosarcoma many years ago and survived 2 1/2 years after amputation. 


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7 thoughts on “Not Eating Well

  1. Fortis'dad

    Hi James, agility trials for three days. Man that sounds like a blast! I would have loved to have been there. That’s cool that you got to meet Teegan’s Dad. Teegan sure is a hero, 2.5 years is amazing. Hey, you need to start eating your kibbles. Don’t make your folks worry. If there like my folks they worry over everything. So much so, that they won’t eat If I don’t! Eat up boy and stay strong. I will be pulling for you James.


  2. nstephenson Post author

    Hi Fortis,

    You are my hero! Mom reads your blogs and tells me all about you. I love seeing the videos of you swimming. I love to swim too. Mom has a video of me swimming but it’s too big and she doesn’t know how to make is small enough to put in my blog. I like going to the chiropractor too…like you!

    I just don’t feel like eating. Nothing tastes very good, except the turkey sandwich that Mom was eating. I know, Mom is worrying about me.


  3. kobe341

    James – we’re sorry to hear you’re not eating very well – that must be very worrying for your Mom. Hopefully your appetite will return quickly and you’ll enjoy your favorite foods again soon!! Take Care James (you too James’ Mom!!)!

    Bethany and Kobe

  4. jdsmom

    Hey James,

    I don’t think I would like to eat kibble either. Hey how about your mom makes you a turkey sandwich with kibble pressed inside?

    Or how about some gravy on top of those dry nuggets.

    No wait…I believe that ice cream mixed with the kibble would do the trick. Yep, I might even eat kibble if it had enough ice cream mixed in!

    Eat what you can man, you need your stregnth.
    Thinking of you.

    Angel JD’s mom

  5. Ginger

    Hey, buddy. I know it’s kinda scary that you’re not eating, but it probably has a lot to do with the chemo. I bet you will start feeling better pretty soon. Wow -agility trials. That sounds like a lot of fun. Now, I suggest you make your Mom give you some hamburger and rice. It always made me eat pretty good after chemo. I think I’m gonna go tell my Mom I want some right now. Hope you’re feeling better, James.


  6. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    James, Catie had an aversion to her kibble for a time after each chemo treatment too.

    She’s not as little as you though.

    Eat what you can. Turkey sandwiches sound pretty good and in our house whatever mom is eating is what Catie and Riley want to be eating too.

    Hope your appetite comes back soon!


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