Happy Birthday, Uncle Bobby!

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Today I am feeling GREAT!  I look very spiffy in my new Fido Fleece coat.  It’s fall in Western Washington and damp and rainy.  I have my new coat to keep me feeling all snuggly.

Happy Birthday to my Uncle Bobby today!  He always says:  “Today is a good day to be alive!”  I agree!  Today is a great day.  I feel good.  I had my blood work done 2 days ago and Mom said that my white blood cells and neutrophils (whatever they are) would probaby be very low.  But they weren’t!!  My blood work is excellent.

I came hopping out last night when Mom got home and immediately started barking for FOOD!  FOOD!  Mom was so happy.  She picked me up and I gave her kisses all over her face.  I am eating lots and lots to make up for all the food I didn’t eat last week.  Ha ha!

My whole pack and I slept at Mom’s feet last night when she was at the computer.  Mom said that was a very good time.

And then I got Mom up twice during the night barking for FOOD!  FOOD!  FOOD!  (Mom looks pretty tired this morning.)


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8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Uncle Bobby!

  1. etgayle

    james…waking your mom up for food…geesh, maybe you better give her a break tonight. good to hear your blood work was excellent!!!!

    so big guy…how about a picture in your fleece coat!!! we need some ‘man pics’ to make all the other guys jealous!!!!

    gayle & charon

  2. Ginger

    Way to go James! See, I told you it would get better. Last week was just the chemo, my friend. YourUncle Bobby sounds wise – and kind. Every day we are on this earth with our friends and family is a great day. I agree with Gayle and Charon. Let’s see some pics so you can show the other boys how it’s done.


  3. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Great news, James.

    Renewed appetite; excellent appetite; well done, you!

    And sheesh, let your mom get some sleep 🙂

    Pictures of your fleece coat would be adorable.

    Here’s to many, many more days like today!

  4. jdsmom

    Yippeeee a post about James! I am very happy to hear you are doing better.
    I echo the others – A Fleece Foto with Food is in order.

    Keep hoppin
    Spirit JD’s mom

  5. jerry

    We’ve missed you James, glad to hear all is well! Do model that coat sometime will ya? I know you must look smashing in it!


    So what did you get at 3 AM? Ice cream or steak?

  6. fortisdad

    Way to go James! Waking mom up for a snack and what about that blood work. That’s great news (I hope mom has been getting her rest though). Okay, I’m in…….I love Western Washington and a photo of our man James in his new fleece coat out on a beautiful misty Washington day would be super in my book.

    Belated Happy Birthday Uncle Bobby! Indeed, today is a good day to be alive.

    Fortis and Dad

  7. indi

    That’s great, James. A healthy appetite is always good. Where do you live in Washington? We are just down the road in Portland. Maybe we can meet when Wyatt and his pawrents come to the west coast!


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