A Trip to the ER

Mom thought she might lose me this morning.  I started feeling bad on SAT, but ate some dinner.  By Sunday I didn’t want to eat at all, which is pretty common for me, so it’s hard to tell what that means.  By yesterday evening, I felt terrible and was lying on my side breathing heavily and didn’t want to stand up.  Then, when I woke up early, early this morning I started crying.

Mom jumped up and drove me to the ER.  I cried all the way there.  They took more of my blood and then let me sleep on my Mom’s lap for hours and hours until Dr. Tripp came in.  Dr. Tripp says they can make me feel better because it is an infection due to all my chemo treatments.  Mom hugged Dr. Tripp and nearly started crying.

I was supposed to have my 6th and last chemo treatment this Wed, but I can’t now because my bloodwork is all screwed up fighting this infection.


15 thoughts on “A Trip to the ER

  1. wyattraydawg

    James, that had to have been really scary for all of you, we are so sorry. Please get better OK? That chemo can wait, you just need to fight that dumb infection and start eating again.

    Hey, I know, how about some cheezy Ice Cream????

    We’re all pulling for you James, feel better and let us know how you’re doing.

  2. nstephenson Post author

    Mom was very scared. I don’t even want ice cream right now. Everything hurt so much this morning that I cried and cried and cried. The doctor gave me something to make some of the pain go away.


  3. fortisdad

    Oh James I’m so sorry that you are not feeling well. Thank goodness your mom rushed you to the ER. Don’t worry about that last chemo treatment little guy it can wait until your feeling better.

    We’re sending lots of positive and healing thoughts your way. Please keep us posted.

    Brett and Fortis

  4. etgayle

    james, don’t scare us like that!!! glad your mom could get you to the ER vet (we bet she was racing down the road, making two wheeled turns!!!) and figure out how to make you feel better. that last chemo can wait, you need to get your strength back!!! dr. gayle says take additional medicinal naps, and try some cheese and ice cream when you’re feeling up to it..repeat as needed!! sending our thoughts and ‘gayle juju’ your way!!!

    gayle & charon

  5. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Little James, we’re sending many, many positive thoughts your way too! I can just imagine how scared your mom was and how much pain you must have been in to cry so hard.

    Get better soon!

  6. Honeygurl

    James, we hope you are feeling much better now. You are a brave boy, today must have been very scary.

    We hope to hear that you are feeling much better soon…hopefully tomorrow!

    Mom, you were full of courage today. We all know that pawrenting these precious ones isn’t for cowards!

    Praying for your boy, James…

    Hugs from Angel Honeygurl’s pack

  7. Mackenzie's Mom

    Oh James, so sorry to hear that you were feeling so badly. You must have had your mom really scared! When we were supposed to be doing our 6th and final treatment for Mackenzie, she came down with a UTI. Which actually turned into a blessing in disguise. After that, we decided to forego that last treatment. It was really quite a relief cause she had really bad side effects too. So tell your mom not to worry – if you don’t end up doing the 6th treatment it’s totally ok. As my vet said, 5 treatments are better than 4 but they’re not quite sure if 6 treatments really make that much of a difference from 5. We will be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers and hope that you feel better real soon!! Lots of golden hugs coming your way (and to your mom too :))

  8. credocanis

    James – I’m so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Lincoln missed his last round of chemo too, and in the end they decided he didn’t even need it, so it may just work out for you.

    Get well soon, and don’t forget to eat. Give your Mom a big hug for me and let her know I’m thinking of her and am close by if she needs anything.

    Lincoln’s Mom

  9. Sophie

    Hi James,

    I’m sorry to hear you had a rough night! I hope you get to feeling better very soon. Maybe you should get some special ice cream for your mom because she worries about you so much!

    See you soon I hope,

  10. anyemery

    Hey, James! We’re keeping all fingers and paws crossed that the meds help make you feel way better really soon. Holly had to delay her last chemo, too. You take care of yourself and don’t worry about that last chemo for now. Let your mom spoil you and love you. We’re sending lot and lots of pawsitive thoughts to you across the miles.
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  11. Lyndon's mama

    It is so terrifying when you think you’re going to lose your baby all the sudden and not know what’s wrong. I’m so glad that you are going to be okay. Tell your mama to hang in there, the chemo can wait. Stupid infections!!!!


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