A Fun-Packed Weekend

James here.  The best thing about this weekend is that it was so much fun that Mom *almost* forgot to worry about me.  I had my 5th chemo on Wed. and did not want to eat at all.  My stomach hurt and nothing tasted good to me.  This happens after every chemo and Mom always frets over me.  But this time she was too busy!  

We packed up the RV on Friday night and went to the dog show.  And guess who arrived at the dog show on SAT:  Spirit Jerry’s Mom Rene and Dad Jim and Wyatt!  That was so exciting.  Wyatt makes a lot of noise, but I didn’t think that was a big deal at all.  You should hear some of the dogs scream and bark when they are doing agility!!  And I barked louder than Wyatt when I ran in flyball!!  I knew that Wyatt was just really happy to be here.  Wyatt’s Mom took photos of me standing next to Wyatt.   I like Wyatt a lot because he has a lot of energy, just like I did at his age.   

My new friend Wyatt

Mom got to have dinner with Rene and Jim and Wyatt.  How cool is that?!!  And Rene gave me a tripawds.com cape which I think has super powers; it covered me from head to tail.  (That’s the advantage of being small.  On Lincoln it looks like a tiny bandana…).

Me and My Super-Cape

I got to wear my super-cape to the Puppy Up! walk on Sunday.   Lincoln, Sammy, Captain Jack, and Julian and JD’s mom, and my new friend Wyatt were all there.  I still felt sick to my stomach from the chemo, but the sun was warm and Lincoln’s mom and JD’s mom both held me which was soooo nice.

JD's Mom gives me a big hug! (Thanks for the photos, Rene)

Eddie here (James’ nephew).  My job is to be the “Play Police” and I had a really tough weekend.  Dogs were having a good time everywhere and I couldn’t stop them from playing.  Lincoln (who is really big) started rolling around on his back and I got to bark at him and tell him to stop it.  Then I saw Julian and Wyatt (who are even bigger than Lincoln!!!) wrestling and rolling all over each other and it was more than I could handle!  

Polly here (James’ niece).  Lincoln’s mom held James for so long that I nearly missed my agility jumpers run.   We got back right before my turn and Mom didn’t get a chance to walk or study the course.  But we ran anyway and we were great!  I got a big blue First Place rosette.  And later, Rene and Jim watched me and Mom run our standard run and we earned another First Place rosette.  Mom is so proud of me.  I am turning 16 next month and I am still running and qualifying in agility.  (That’s why I knew Uncle James wasn’t too old for his amputation.  He’s only a little more than a year older than me.)  I knew that Uncle James was not feeling well last night so I let him lie nearly on top of me.  He likes it a lot when I am very, very close to him. 

Polly's Blue Ribbon Run!

Katie here.  James calls me “the Evil One”.  Hey, just because I stole and ate his entire rotisserie chicken.  Get over it, James!  I loved all the excitement.  I got to bark a lot and see so many dogs.  When I met Wyatt, I went right up to him and said “Don’t mess with me!” and he was a really good boy after that…once he knew I was in charge! 

Katie doing Weave Poles

TJ here.  I had to stay in the RV a lot because I get upset when dogs have tags that jingle.  But I sure HEARD Wyatt!  Wyatt has a lot to say.  

Back to me, JAMES:  We’d have photos to post but Katie the Evil One hid Mom’s camera.  The Evil One steals everything she gets her paws on!  I’m feeling a bit better now and ate some cottage cheese and a few pieces of chicken for breakfast today.  Mom’s back to worrying about me again!

9 thoughts on “A Fun-Packed Weekend

  1. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Sounds like the entire pack had an outstanding time, James!

    Sorry your tummy has been upset. Darn chemo anyways. But you had some sunshine and cuddles and fun moments with many friends.

    Hope you feel better soon, little guy.

  2. Shirley

    Woohoo! James, what an exciting weekend you had. Not only did it help your Mom take her mind off worrying too much, but I bet it was a nice distraction for you too!

    And that Polly. Wow Nancy. Creme de la creme Polly! She still has that spark to get out there and show those young ones that she’s still having fun out there! 🙂

    All my best to James!

  3. admin

    It was a pleasure meeting you and the Poodle pack James! And we can’t thank your mom enough for arranging the RV accommodations. We’ll post those photos of y’all and Wyatt soon.

  4. jdsmom

    It was so nice to give you a little hugging on Sunday James. Yes your Tripawds super cape is very appropriate for the super dog you are.
    Hey did you see where Katie hid the camera? Maybe you could use your Super-Dog powers to find it?

    Just think, those tummy yucking chemos are almost over! And all that yucky means you are fighting any of those pesky cancer cells that might be trying to hang around.

    Looking forward to our next meeting, and thanks for the cuddles.
    Spirit JD’s mom

  5. wyattraydawg

    James, you wore me out! I had so much fun meeting you and showing my pawrents that I could be a good dawg. Thank you for the RV space, my Mom hasn’t been cranky now that we have electrcity!

    Hey did you see the Tripawds Gallery Page? Check it out, we have tons of photos of your Superhero Self there!

  6. etgayle

    james, this is the most thorough report – you should be on the evening news!!! we love your super hero cape – you’ve always been special, but now you’re super special!!! glad your tummy is settling down, geesh, i remember those days and am glad it’s way behind us. you’ll be through with it soon too, so hang in there.

    gayle & charon

  7. fortisdad

    What a great recap!

    I’m glad you have put another chemo behind you. Sorry about that tummy ache though………
    Thanks for sharing

    Fortis and Brett

  8. Ginger

    What a wonderful weekend, James! The whole family – and new friends too. I bet Wyatt thinks you are his new sidekick. I just love the picture of your new super cape. It looks wonderful on you, and I’m sure it has given you the super powers you need to kick this stupid old cancer’s butt.

  9. indi

    Hi James,
    Your super cape it totally awesome. You are so dang cute with your black curls and your poodle tripawd figure. I hope Indi and I can meet you one of these days soon. We are in Portland– not too far away! We got to meet Wyatt and his family last week, too. Super fun.
    Raina & Indi


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