Tiny James

It’s been a rough 2 weeks.  I spent more than a week in the ICU (including Thanksgiving) with pancreatitis and (maybe) a GI ulcer or infection.  I came home on Nov. 30 and went back for visits on Thurs. Dec. 2 and again this morning.  Dr. Tripp says that I am anorexic and that my WBC is incredibly high.  By the end of last week, my blood work was a bit better, but I still will not eat.  Dr. Tripp gave me more IV fluids last Thurs. and sent me home with my own IV bag.  My breeder, Candy, helps by giving me IV fluids every day.

I am now down to 6.5 pounds.  (For you big guys, that’s like starting at 90 lbs and dropping down to 65 pounds.)  I’ve lost 28% of my weight.  Mom says I probably weigh less than one of Fortis’ paws!!!

I do not want to eat.  My Mom won’t let me eat anything with much fat in it and I don’t want all the stuff Mom and everyone else offers me.  I have lots of pills to take and now I can’t even have cheese with my pills.  I wish I could have something good to eat.  Mom gives me syringes of stuff that’s all blah and watery.

Besides not wanting to eat, I am looking and feeling better.  Today Dr. Tripp made me very sleepy and then she looked into my mouth and checked all my teeth and gums; she said it all looks good.  But I still don’t want to put any food into my mouth.  There was more blood work.  It’s a wonder that I still have any blood at all after all the blood they have taken from me.

I am a superstar at the Hospital now!   Everyone knows me and my Mom.  I know all the doctors and all the techs.  They are all my friends.  I told everyone that I get mail from my buddies on Tripawds.com!!!

Mom is hanging in there (we take lots of ET Gayle’s medicinal naps together), but she did freak out when she saw the balance on her VISA card.

Thanks for thinking of me,  JAMES

14 thoughts on “Tiny James

  1. Leslie

    James, you’re a trooper. You’ve been through so much for any dog, especially such a tiny guy, but you just keep on fighting. That’s how it’s done! We’re all proud of you and cheering you on from a distance. Now, it’s time to start eating so you can put some weight back on and your mom can get a good night’s rest, ok?

    Leslie and Roxy

  2. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Oh, James, you’re so little. I’m glad you’re still fighting but really hope you start eating.

    You’re not only a superstar at the hospital. You’re a superstar everywhere, little guy.

  3. maggie

    Come on James! you gotta eat! Come on! You’re putting on a good fight!! So your Mom can rest a little easier…please eat 🙂

    Thanks for the update….thinking of you from here in Maine..

    Tracy & Maggie

  4. jerry

    James, you’re OUR SUPERSTAR too, and we need you shining brightly. Please eat regularly again OK?

    You’re a strong boy James, we know you can get through this, you’re almost there!

    Tell your Mom we send our love and are thinking of you. Get well my friend.

  5. Ginger

    Oh my, James. You really are tiny. You just have to eat, my little friend. It is the only way you will get strong again. We are all sending you lots of love, prayers and happy thoughts as you get better. We have lots of faith in you, so keep faith in yourself, and reassure your Mom too.

    Your friend,

  6. Candace Hume

    James, you are fighting as best you can. But eating would be a good thing!! You were so fun at the photo shoot…had to to do it your way. No laying down for you!!!

    Candace, Tim, and all the Tanzen horde.

  7. Mackenzie's Mom

    Hey Superstar,
    We are cheering you on and hope you get your appetite back real soon. Mackenzie’s little brother Kobe had pancreatis once – sounds like just what you have – he didn’t eat for over a week, had to be hospitalized, IV fluids, lots of meds – the whole 9 yards – just like you. So we know how scary this can be, especially for your mom. So you need to get your strength back and help your mom not to worry so much. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers that you get through this with flying colors!! Go James!!

  8. cometdog

    Peanut butter cookies, James. You won’t be able to resist them!

    I know you can pull through this James! I just know it.

    Sending you hungry thoughts,

  9. etgayle

    james, we’re not kidding, you just have to get better. period. you have to try to eat what your mom gives you, trust her. we’re sending every ounce of ‘gayle juju’ we can muster to you and your mom. you are our hero!!!!!! hugs and kisses to ‘da man’.

    gayle & charon

  10. fortisdad

    James, we so much hope that you start feeling better. Your a brave and courageous boy in deed. You need to eat my little friend. Remember, we’re thinking about you and sending lots of love and prayer your way.

    Fortis and his pack

  11. Sophie

    Oh James, sorry things are so rough for you right now! You just have to do what you mom tells you to do and everything will get better. I don’t always like to listen to my mom either, but she hasn’t let me down yet and I’m sure yours hasn’t either. So stay strong and eat your dinner!


  12. kenmoresmom

    James! there you are! we were so worried about you-but you are on the good road now- maybe you can eat just a little….
    Kenmore suggests his favorites- “dog” chicken (chicken made especailly for Dog-catz cant have any!), chicken juice (broth), parmesan cheese-(smells like stinky feet)- yum! Maybe you can try some-
    we love you….hugs to your Mom too!
    mandy & Kenmore

  13. Lyndon's mama

    Oh I’m so sorry you have to go through all this, but you sure are a little trooper. You have to start eating though… at least for mama’s sake. You’re doing such a good job, sweety… keep it up. Tell you’re mama to hang in there, it sounds like you’re on the road to being healthier.

  14. indi

    Hi Sweet Little James. We are thinking of you, too. I get sad when Indi is not doing well. And I get freaked out by the visa bill, too! You are our North West Tripawd buddy and we need your spunk to be strong! Feel better little guy, Love Indi and Raina.


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