James: Day 6 in ICU

Thank you everyone for your messages, love, prayers, and support.  I have been sitting with James for about an hour every morning and every evening.  As I do, I read him all of his email, over and over again.  I stroke his back and talk or read to him.

The consensus is that he has pancreatitis and maybe an abscess – no cancer – which is why we keep fighting.  He is on two antibiotics, pepsid, and pain meds.  SAT he was a lot worse, so they started him on pred and that has made him feel much better.  He is able to lift his head and look around.  He can’t stand up.  He is eating his cottage cheese and some turkey and chicken.

His WBC is through the roof.  He is anemic; we were hoping that it was “regenerative”, but it might not be now.

Dr. Tripp, our oncologist, is back in the hospital today.  She has been monitoring his case from home over the holiday.  I am back at work today.  Will visit again tonight.


9 thoughts on “James: Day 6 in ICU

  1. etgayle

    yes, thanks for the update. our continued thoughts and prayers are coming your way. james is a trooper, give him a big hug from the east tennessee gals!!!

    charon & gayle

  2. Honeygurl

    So happy to hear about James today. He has been on my mind all weekend! Really happy to hear that he is being well cared for.

    We are praying for a full recovery for your precious James. He is a brave heart! Give him a smooch for us!

    And Nancy, hang in there. I know this is a tough time right now. Please keep us posted.

    Hugs from
    Angel Honeygurl’s pack

  3. Ginger

    Yay for James! Sounds like he is doing much better than Saturday. My Daddy really likes James Taylor, so our pet name for James is “Sweet Baby James” after the song. I hope it’s alright that we call him that. We hope he continues to get better, and keep us updated.

    – Ginger

  4. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    This has been an unimaginably rough 6 days for you and James. It sounds like James is being well looked after; hope you’re looking after yourself too.

    Hang in there, both of you.

  5. anyemery

    Thanks for the update – we’ve been thinking about James all weekend, too. We’re glad the prednisone seems to help him feel better. We’re sending lots of pawsitive thoughts and plenty of hugs to him!
    Holly, Zuzu and Susan

  6. zip

    James, my hero. Didn’t know that you had been suffering. A dog friend who used to live with us ate some ham and got real sick with what you have. Boy howdy, did she feel bad and then one of my therapy pet friends, a poodle like you, Syliva, got the same thing. She is about 16 and really felt bad for awhile and worried everyone! Took her a bit but now she is back going with us to the hospital to do our therapy thing. We are praying for you. If you ever come to Texas I will let you watch my mouseavision with me. My new mouse’s name is Cinnamon-Saddle.
    Hope to hear you have made progress. I was in the emergency clinic on Sunday morning because I couldn’t get up or stay up but I’m doing better. No cancer in my other leg though.
    Loving on you,

  7. fightingforsammy

    I am glad to know there are improvements. I just think he is such a special and brave boy. I love that when you put him on the ground he doesn’t freak out, he just trusts that you are watching him and that he is protected. That is a wonderful bond that you have.
    He is in our thoughts and prayers,
    Elizabeth and Sammy


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