Chemo #5 and 3-month Ampuversary

I had my 5th chemo party today.  And tomorrow is my 3-month Ampuversary.  That’s good, because after chemo I don’t feel like eating much, but Mom might give me ice cream (which is the best) to celebrate!!!

I really like going to the chemo party.  My vet, Dr. Tripp, is so nice and Tim carries me around a lot and takes good care of me.  Mom’s been hand-feeding me Costco Turkey Breast!  Yummy.  I’m not very interested in “dog food” any more.  I like fresh chicken and turkey and yogurt (and ice cream, of course), but not much else.  Dr. Tripp said that I need to eat my vegetables and told Mom to get me some pumpkin or sweet potatoes or beans. 

You know what?  Mom’s been so good to me that my weight stayed almost the same.  Whew!  I know that some of you Big Guys are trying to lose weight, but my Mom’s always trying to get me to gain weight!  That’s because I only weigh 8.6 pounds.  (Am I the smallest Tripawd here?)

Mom told me that Jerry’s Pack is coming to visit this weekend.   Yippee! 

JAMES the poodle

9 thoughts on “Chemo #5 and 3-month Ampuversary

  1. Cherry

    My very favorite was Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream. I used to tell Dad that I got my veggies at the same time, but I really think that he just went along to humor me. It is very good, and Dad says that you can find it in the stores now that Thanksgiving is comming. Your Mom and my Dad have much in common. He hand fed me as well during my chemotherapy (actully resorted to stuffing at times), and was so very glad when I actually gained some weight between my second and third treatments. I guess that it is just being a poodle and being so very active, that keeps our weight down. All the family will be celebrating your 3 month ampuversary, but Dad only has Vanilla Ice Cream in the house right now, but that will do quite nicely. We will be toasting your great achievements and hope that you can enjoy some really good treats soon.
    Spirit Cherry

  2. Carmen (Catie's Mom)

    Happy, happy ampuversary tomorrow, James!

    You are very little. 🙂 Eat all the turkey you want and save room for the veggies!


  3. Fortis'dad

    Happy Ampuversary James! I bet you are sick and tired of those chemo treatments. You sure are a brave and courageous pup. You keep up the great work and do try to eat something for you Mom. Thanks for the great update.

    Happy Ampuverary


  4. jdsmom

    Oh James, you are such a champ!
    Yes you are tiny, but so very handsome!

    I look forward to seeing you on Sunday for the cancer walk, please wear your cute monkey sweater.

    Spirit JD’s mom

  5. etgayle

    way to get it done james!!!! congrats on your ampuversary – ice cream and cheese (and a few veggies) for everybody!!! glad to hear you are doing so well!

    gayle & charon

  6. Sophie

    Hi James!! I’m glad another one is over. Before long you will be waking your mom up at 4am for more food!

    Does my mom really have to run Katie on Sunday? Maybe she should run Polly instead – Polly is a rockstar as far as I am concerned.

    Hope you fell better!!

    Your friend,

  7. fightingforsammy

    Yay James and Nancy!

    That means only one more chemo left! I am so happy for you both. I know James is a hard boy to feed anyway so great job in keeping his weight on an even keel.

    Hang in there tiny buddy, we look forward to seeing you sunday. Congrats on the 3 month ampuversary too, awesome milestone. Sammy and I will have a little ice cream in your honor tonight.
    Sammy isn’t interested in food right now either but I bet he will perk up for ice cream and to celebrate for his little buddy James.


  8. Ginger

    Woo hoo, little buddy! Only one more nasty treatment to go. That is just great! You might be the smallest tripawd here, but you have a great big heart and I think you are very handsome.



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